The seminary at Võnnu

On August 24-26, people with psychiatric disorders from Latvia, Finland and Sweden visited the NGO Aedorkester as part of the international project. We listened to the guests’ experiences and reviews of the activities, coping and supporting people with psychiatric disorders. At the seminar on August 25, aimed at a wider circle of interested people, presentations were made by the Tötutukassa consultant of the Unemployment Insurance Fund Kristel Altosaar, psychiatrist Dr. Peeter Lääne and pastoral counsellor Kaido Soom. Together we discussed the possibilities for future cooperation. We agreed that the meetings would take place mostly online, once a year a summer seminar could be held in a nice place, which would offer an opportunity to be together, communicate and discuss.

Despite the minor misunderstandings, the participants were satisfied with the event. We thank the Kameelia tourist farm, whose kind hostess hosted us and introduced us to the numerous four-legged and feathered inhabitants, some of which were quite exotic.

See you soon!

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